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Spiritual Gifts

The Parable of the Spilled Coffee

     A Bible study group met in a home to study how various ministries should work in the body of Christ. One member commented, “I don’t understand how different gifts can work together.”

     At that moment a woman accidentally dropped her cup, which broke and spilled coffee all over the floor. Each group member responded differently to the mishap, according to their spiritual gifts.

     The teacher gave some advice.  “Next time if you will put your cup on the coffee table, that won’t happen again.”

     The administrator responded by organizing a clean-up committee. “Bill, please go find a mop. Sally, could you help him with a towel?”

     Bill, who had the gift of service, hurried to get the mop.

     Sally, who had the gift of helps, followed Bill and said, “I’ll help you!”

     The person with the gift of exhortation said, “We all make mistakes so don’t let it get you down.”

     The person with the gift of mercy put her arm around the woman, patted her hand and said, “I feel so badly for you.”

     The person with the gift of giving exclaimed, “I’ll buy a new set of coffee mugs to replace the broken one!”

     They all used their various gifts together to resolve the situation.

(Kent Crockett, )

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