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Delayed Gratification

In a recent study of eighth-grade students, researchers found that the ability to delay gratification was a bigger predictor of academic gains than IQ.  Each student was given the choice of either receiving $1 immediately, or getting $2 a week later.  The self-disciplined youth were the ones who consistently outperformed their impulsive peers on everything from grades to standardized achievement scores. 
Psychologist Angela Duckworth, the study's co-author, affirmed the fact that children can develop self-control.  By allowing them to experience the frustration of having to wait, involving them in projects that require planning, and using extra-curricular activities like sports and music, delayed gratification can become an acquired skill.  The Bible repeatedly refers to patience as a learned virtue of great worth and this study simply confirms that truth. --USA Weekend, 8/4/06 as cited in In Other Words

Use Your Brakes

A company advertising brakes came up with the slogan: "Without control, there can be no freedom."
Self-control is using your brakes (saying "no") in order to keep your freedom.
Kent Crockett's Sermon Illustrations,

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