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Quiet Time

You Have to First Get Up

When I was a student in seminary, a choice man of God named Harry Ironside used to come and teach.  I remember on one occasion somebody came up and said, "Dr. Ironside, I understand you get up early every morning to read and study your Bible."
    "Yes, I' ve been doing that all my life."
    "Well, how do you manage to do it?" the inquirer asked. "Do you pray about it?"
    "No," Ironside replied. "I get up." --Howard G. Hendricks, and William D. Hendricks, Living By the Book, Moody Press, 1991, p. 334)

The Importance of Quiet Time

A "Quiet Time" is a time each day that you get alone with God to read His Word, pray, and seek the Lord.  Some people call it "Devotions."
Many Christians can testify that a daily quiet time is the most important factor in developing a relationship with the Lord and living victoriously.  Why is it so important?  2 Chronicles 12:14 tells us that King Rehoboam "did evil because he did not set his heart to seek the Lord."  Seeking the Lord on a daily basis can prevent us from doing evil. --Kent Crockett 

Steal, Drink, and Lie!

If you don't set aside a marked time and place to have a quiet time, you probably won't do it for long.
A pastor told a new convert, "I'm going to teach you to steal, drink, and lie:
    Steal time out of every day to read God's Word
    Drink from it's clear, refreshing waters
    Lie on your bed at night and meditate." --Everyday Light, Selwyn Hughes

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