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Bill Cosby on Fathers

Some years back Bill Cosby wrote a book simply entitled Fatherhood.  He writes:

Now that my father is a grandfather, he just can't wait to give money to my kids. But when I was his kid and I asked him for fifty cents, he would tell me the story of his life. How he got up at 4 AM when he was 7 years old and walked 23 miles to milk ninety cows. All for 5 cents a month. The result was that I never got my 50 cents.

But now he tells my children every time he comes into the house:
Well, let's see how much money old Granddad has got for his wonderful kids." And the minute they take money out of his hands I call them over to me and I snatch it away from them. Because that is MY money. 
Brett Blair,, adapted from Bill Cosby's Fatherhood.

Speaking the Destiny of Your Child

George Foreman was a two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world. In his book, God in My Corner, Foreman explains how his father pointed him to that destiny as a small boy:


When I was a small boy, my father planted a seed of greatness in my mind about my future. As we played, he often raised my hands over my head as if I had just won a boxing match, and heíd shout, ďGeorge Foreman, heavyweight champion of the world!  Stronger than Jack Johnson. Hits like Jack Dempsey!Ē Even though I didnít understand what heavyweight champion of the world meant, he planted an idea in my mind that eventually became a reality.

Itís incredible that he declared those things about me, almost like a prophecy about my future. Itís even more amazing that I would not only become heavyweight champion, but also come back from retirement and win it a second time twenty years later. My father started proclaiming my destiny when I was only four years old and continued saying it until I was a teenager.  (George Foreman, God In My Corner, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007, p.122)


Perfect obedience by children

"Father's Day is that one time of the year when I get complete obedience from every member of my family.  I tell them not to spend a lot of money on me--and they don't."  --Pat Williams, Winning With One-Liners

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